Testing plays a significant role in achieving quality and success. In the fast changing world of technologies, we wish to help our customers to be familiar with the new trends in testing, and understand how testing can serve their business goals.

The seminar started with a key note by Ketil Jensen, Founder and owner at Leverage51, who talked about Lean Product Development and how this approach can help build quality into the product.

Then four professionals from Itera gave presentations.

Denis Kolesnikov, Test Automation Architect, talked about how to save money using Automated Testing, dispelling common myths. During the presentation Denis explained that Test Automation will not cure all project issues, it cannot substitute or cancel Manual Testing, but it does increase quality of testing and speed to market. And the main point - Test Automation is a return of investment in long perspective.

Alexandra Volkova, Project Coordinator, talked about mobile testing, sharing important tips and tricks. While more and more users prefer using tablets and smartphones for browsing instead of computers, mobile testing can be a solution to be sure that your applications runs smoothly on different mobile devices. Alexandra spoke on mobile testing approaches, must-have kinds of testing, specific aspects and automation.

Katerina Ovechenko, Test Manager, spoke about web-applications security. Security testing is a really hot topic at the moment. Moving solutions to web and cloud makes them vulnerable for external attacks. Katerina named most well-known vulnerabilities in web-apps like injections, broken sessions, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Security Misconfiguration, etc. and ways to discover and fix them.

Brian West, Director of Consulting, talked about distributed testing teams and how to make them work.

We are preparing new and interesting upcoming seminars. Please check our web site for updates.