As a company, we are a part of society and have a commitment to make a positive contribution. We communicate this through our vision, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, which is a powerful imperative tightly connected to our brand.

Computer screen with the text "Do more" written on it. Photo.

Why is social responsibility important to us?


  • Our vision commits us in several perspectives; in our relationship with employees, how we do our work, what we deliver to our customers, and not least how we manage the relationship with our shareholders and with society in general. 
  • We believe that our employees would like their workplace to be actively involved in contributing to society. When we let our vision and values (innovative, passionate, skilled) be part of the workday, we believe that this contributes to creating commitment, meaning and involvement. We also know that positive attention and a good reputation can create internal pride and loyalty. 
  • We believe that companies that contribute positively to society succeed better than companies with an unbalanced profitability focus. A reputation as a responsible company that runs its business in accordance with laws and regulations is a prerequisite for building strong customer relationships and attracting new employees.


How do we contribute? 

Many of our customers fill important functions and roles in society. This gives us the opportunity to contribute to make a difference through our assignments and deliveries. Some examples:

Preventing crime  

Cash money laundering remains widespread, as bank notes have the ‘advantage’ of not leaving any digital trace. We have worked with the cash management company Loomis to develop a solution that automatically generates alerts in the event of unusual activity, e.g. if there is a change in the amount of cash that Loomis collects from a customer. 

Preventing diseases from spreading 

Many serious disease outbreaks such as plague, diarrheal diseases and malaria are not detected early enough to prevent them from spreading. Itera is working with the Red Cross to develop a platform that will enable large quantities of data to be gathered continuously from aid workers across the world. The platform will make it possible to detect outbreaks at an early stage and so to save lives.  

Making everyday life easier  

Around 1 million Norwegians are allergic to pollen to some extent. Accurate pollen count warnings can make everyday life easier during pollen season. Together with the Norwegian Allergy and Asthma Association, Itera is looking at how machine learning and artificial intelligence could be used to analyse current and historic pollen data to provide as accurate and long-range pollen count warnings as possible. 

Increased quality of life 

Millions of people worldwide experience reduced mobility and quality of life as a result of accidents or various diseases. Many benefit from products such as braces or prosthetics. Together with Össur, a world leader in orthopedic products, Itera develops the SmartMeasureTM app to support the specialist's dialogue with the patient. iPhone's gyroscopic sensor technology is used to make accurate measurements to ensure that the patient gets an individually tailored product. SmartMeasure lets the specialist place the order efficientlya, and more time can be spent on the patient and less time filling out forms. 

Other relevant areas of engagement

  • We view diversity as important, and work to recruit, develop and retain talented employees regardless of nationality, gender or ethnicity 
  • We are certified as Eco-lighthouse. By taking environmental responsibility, we build a brand that meets the society's expectations related to ethics, accountability, sustainability and profitability. 
  • We offer strategic advice in the field of sustainable business development 
  • We make more technology expertise available in the Nordic market, where the deficit is large 
  • We limit physical travel by using electronic communication with colleagues and customers in other countries as much as possible