A market place for digital solutions

Itera Difi Torget 2

Norway has many digital common solutions of high quality, developed by institutions in the public sector. Difi (Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) works to ensure that the solutions are used as much as possible. To create a better overview of existing solutions and the needs they meet, Difi has assembled them in a virtual market place – “Torget”. 

Norway has come a long way in developing digital solutions that contribute to restructuring in the public sector. These national "building blocks" are important tools for service owners - those who, on behalf of the public sector, provide national or municipal services. The market place provides an overview of digital solutions developed by national and municipal institutions that can be utilized by other public entities. Examples of such common solutions are the National Registry, eSignering, Matrikkelen, eInnsyn and ELMA. 

Itera has worked on design, UX, content and consulting for Torget. In the first phase, we identified needs and opportunities, prepared sketches and conducted user tests. In the second phase, we developed UX sketches, content and design based on user needs and in close collaboration with Difi.  

In the process, it was crucial to develop relevant and good content in combination with intuitive design to clearly communicate what the services actually deliver and which tasks they solve. Torget offers different search filters to find solutions for reuse or for inspiration.  

The project manager Asli Aydemir in Difi gives an example: “Service owners often need to identify and verify their users and provide the correct access. By selecting the entry "Identify and verify users" you will find information about the ID port, requirements, specifications and guidance on how the solution can be used and combined with Altinn's solution for access control." 

“We know that the service owners are also looking for good examples to understand the area of ​​application and how a specific shared solution interacts with other solutions. We believe that Torget will contribute to increased use of common solutions, and that service owners will more easily see the potential for even more interaction between the common solutions and in this way identify the need and direction for further and new development.” 

The first version of Torget was launched at the Digitization Conference 2019, where it received good feedback. 

Itera was also responsible for developing material for the conference itself: walls, posters and animations, with clear and effective promotion of Torget. 

More information about Torget (Norwegian): https://www.difi.no/fagomrader-og-tjenester/nasjonale-felleslosninger