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The website of The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority ( aims to be the main source of information on the requirements of the Norwegian Working Environment Act. The website provides businesses and employees with the information and tools they need in order to be able to create a good working environment at their place of work. 

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority set the following requirements and principles in relation to the development of the new website:

  • Relevant, applicable information of a high quality
  • Easy for users to find, understand and use the information they need
  • A fundamental principle was that the content should be structured, presented and made available with the user in mind.
  • Visitors should not need to know the Authority’s structure or how it divides responsibilities in order to find what they want.
  • Similarly, visitors should not need to know how the Working Environment Act and associated regulations are structured.
  • The solution should be regarded as a main source and should be the preferred website for information about working environment issues in Norway.

Integration with

Itera led a project where we created an entirely new website on the EpiServer 10 platform that was based on the principles and requirements from the preliminary project report and the requirements analysis and on guidelines from the Authority’s communication and content strategies. The solution has responsive design and is adapted to mobile devices and the requirements of universal design, and has an EpiServer Find search engine built in. We also set up XML integration with six registers, including integrated maps and sorting functionality to show where approved businesses are located. We also set up API integration with nearly 50 acts and regulations on The website was created in accordance with new requirements in relation to the Authority’s logo, typography, colour palette and picture style, and the requirements described in its governance documents.

Everything in one place

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s has a new website on a modern CMS platform with templates and modules that are adapted to the requirements of the website’s users. The website has a high-quality, powerful search engine that will be a useful tool for users searching for information. The website’s integration with other registers means users do not have to navigate to other websites to find lists of approved businesses and their locations, or a list of decisions on matters worked on by the Authority etc. The fact the website displays the 45 most relevant acts and regulations from means individual users will be able to obtain information on the relevant acts and regulations easily, as well as the Authority’s commentaries on and interpretations of specific legal provisions.