as an independent brand site

Person paying with credit card online. Photo.

Most Danes are familiar with Nets’ payment service Betalingsservice and use it on a regular basis. But not many are aware that Nets is behind the service. That’s why Nets decided to create an independent online identity for Betalingsservice, and they hired Itera to get the job done. 


Most of the services that Nets offer have their own name and brand. That is why Nets wanted to create a new online identity for Betalingsservice through an independent brand site. The main challenges were to handle the comprehensive information structure on and to create a clean and transparent site that suits Betalingsservice’s brand.


Itera’s solution focused on supporting a simple and user-friendly expression that would create clarity in communication. The long paragraphs were cut short and the complete visual experience was enhanced.  The solution is designed in close collaboration with Nets and is developed in SharePoint2013 with a focus on the experiences of the end user and the editors.

Itera has been responsible for: advisory, UX, user tests, technical tests, development and deployment. From beginning to end Itera has worked with our tried and tested methodology Lean Service Design - and Lean Start-up in the development phase.

After developing the solution, Itera has trained de editors so the more dynamic and new content will continue being shown on the website.


Through qualitative user research and customer and user travel design Itera succeeded in designing a clean, simple and focused site targeted the users’ wishes and needs. now has its own brand site with easy access to information and products.

Of course, is responsive and supports the common devices and screen formats. After the completion of the project Itera continues to provide ongoing support for