Bedre utnyttelse av data med Cognite

Data is the new oil. However, if this paradigm shift is to take full effect, the data must be extracted, contextualized and utilized in new and more efficient ways than we have been able to do so far. Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), developed by Cognite, one of Itera's customers, is a service that transforms, contextualizes and analyzes huge amounts of data into useful information.

Cognite Data Fusion 

Legacy infrastructure is often an obstacle to being able to utilize data efficiently. Industries such as oil and gas, shipping and energy already have large amounts of data, but are unable to contextualize it effectively enough to extract valuable and value-creating information. Cognite Data Fusion visualizes and creates digital representations of physical objects, for example through digital twins. 

Cognite Data Fusion is open by nature. For Cognite’s customers, CDF's APIs and libraries are open-source, enabling the customer to develop and build on the platform. This enables the customer to tailor the solution to specific needs, while also providing inspiration and innovation. 

Large opportunities in several areas 

The solution opens many opportunities. 

Manual operating processes are digitalized and simplified (Smart maintenance) 

  • Data is made available in real time 
  • Data sources can be compared, and operating processes can be continuously improved 
  • Operational decisions can be done using CDF data 

Understand production processes and make data-driven decisions (Production optimization) 

  • Contextualized, real time data 
  • Remove bottlenecks and unnecessary production restrictions 
  • Limit delays and optimize the gap between capacity and production 

Increased security and digitalization of the industrial workplace (Digital worker) 

  • Optimize operations with digital twins 
  • Collaborate across space and time on the same digital platform 

Cognite and Itera 

Cognite and Itera’s cooperation started early 2019. Initially, Itera helped to build a set of reusable components called Gearbox, which help to simplify the building of applications and services on top of Cognite Data Fusion. Gearbox lets the user get faster to the point where an application creates value due to less need for tailoring. 

With the insight gained through this project, Itera is now working closely with Cognite to develop applications on top of Cognite Data Fusion for several companies, both in the energy sector and in the power industry.