Consistent user experience across company structure

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One of Itera's clients approached our advisors with the following problem: our group consists of many independent companies, each serving their clients in different ways. We want higher consistency to ensure the best user experience that supports the brand in the best possible way. How should we proceed?

"Norway's best customer experience" in 9 months! 

To increase the accessibility for the customers and to serve them in a holistic manner, it was decided to establish a shared customer center. The ambition for the customer center was high: it should be operational within nine months and should deliver Norway's best customer experience! 

The project was established with Itera as the customer’s partner. The center was established on the basis of the experience the customer wanted to serve their customers with to create satisfaction, loyalty and additional sales. The entire customer journey, contact points and dialogue were developed and tested against customers. Furthermore, the delivery included 10 streams with plans and strategies related to service offerings, core processes, organization and necessary system support. The project was established according to lean start-up principles and after a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was established, the project was conducted in weekly iterations of measurement, adjustments and further development. 

How did it go? 

The customer center went into operation after 8.5 months. Three months later, measurements showed the following results: 

  • 84% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received 
  • 82% had their inquiries resolved 
  • 30% of sales to new customers