Growth strategy for insurance company

Building bricks with arrows pointing upwards. Photo.

After several years of stagnation, the customer - a Norwegian insurance company - had an unlocked potential for growth in the corporate market (including agriculture). There was a need for a new growth strategy. However, the growth opportunities were identified in several different areas. Hence, the customer needed to analyze the growth opportunities and to explore other key issues in order to create a solid strategy that not only could answer where to grow, but also how to obtain it. 

An identified potential of NOK 1.7 billion 

In close cooperation with the customer's management and the corporate market department, Itera prepared a new growth strategy. Analyzes of the customer's current situation and strategic direction were carried out. Possible strategic directions were outlined and compiled. Against this background, the strategy was evaluated with clearly defined market segments, activities, competence requirements and organizational needs to extract the identified growth potential of NOK 1.7 billion. 

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