Machine learning and data analysis with real-time electricity network data

Maskinlæring og dataanalyse av realtids strømdata  (1) (1)


Norway’s electricity network contains an enormous amount of data. Itera has worked with Glitre Energi on services based on real-time electricity network data to create new, relevant user experiences. The solution they have developed will help make electricity consumption more efficient and reliable, while the data may also add value to other service areas such as security and health.

Itera has collaborated with the electricity group Glitre Energi for a number of years. Our contribution has been focused on the initiation, establishment and scaling up of a ground-breaking company set up by the group to work in the area of measuring and using real-time electricity network data. The company was set up as an independent organisation and is called Oss Norge. On the basis of physical electricity meters developed internally at the company, real-time electricity network data is made available and used in a unique way. This is enabling entirely new service possibilities both for Glitre Energi’s electricity customers and for third-party companies that connect to the data platform it has set up.

Through a pilot collaboration with insurance companies and other industries, new, innovative and end-user-relevant services are being developed on the basis of data analytics and machine learning. Itera and Oss Norge are working closely together to identify and realise various ways of using the data to build a nationally dominant platform as quickly as possible. We are also working closely with Microsoft to ensure that the solution can scale internationally. 

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