Digital reporting system streamlines workflows and saves time

Tractor on field. Photo.

The control system for drilling and compression wanted to digitize their reporting system to facilitate data transmission and streamline workflows. Itera has delivered a solution that saves time and guarantees a quick, user-friendly and safe record of all drill reports.


The control system for drilling and compression was implemented in 2002 with the desire to standardize the performance, heighten the quality and improve the documentation of the drillings made in Denmark.

In 2014 it was agreed to digitalize the old reporting system consisting of manually written documentation that could get lost in the process. According to the control system the reports were often inadequate and time consuming, and the contractors complained about the difficult reporting process.

The control system wanted to digitalize the reporting and simplify the data transfer – to follow the natural development and to create a more effective workflow for the drilling companies.


The Itera team provided a solution consisting of two main elements; a database for storing required information as well as an HTML5-based web interface.
The web interface presents forms and synchronizes data with the database. In case of failure of network coverage, contractors can work offline and synchronize with the database when accessing the Internet again. Itera has focused on delivering a readily recognizable solution to the contractors, so resources should not be used for training. Furthermore, we have focused on allowing users to associate drill sketches and images for the transfers and, of course, the drilling records can be extracted and saved as PDF or printed.


Through a close collaboration with selected representatives from the contractors Itera has delivered a complete salutation with project management, UX design, development and implementation.

The digitization has reduced the time spent on administrative work and ensured that reports don’t disappear, become dirty or unreadable. All reports can quickly be recorded and stored in the system and the solution's mandatory fields ensure that everything is completed on the spot and put an end to inadequate drill reports.

"We chose Itera who has fully understood our at times strange universe and delivered a good, solid, practical and user-friendly digital drill report

- Christian Rønne, project manager, Styrbar Underboring