"The Base" - "the Norwegian Defence Sector's Airbnb"

Soldier walking in forest. Photo.

From 25 manual steps to 1 click thanks to Airbnb and service design methodology.


The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA) is the defense sector's property manager, and is responsible for providing accommodation to thousands of army personnel in connection with business trips, courses and seminars. In order to meet the employees' needs and expectations in a good way, NDEA engaged Itera to develop a web-based booking solution, with Airbnb as a model. The user experience was, in other words, a strong focus.


Itera acted as a full-service supplier for the new portal, delivering the preliminary project, service design, interaction design, content, user testing, development, environment set up, testing, test management, consultancy and project management. The NDEA's reference group strengthened the delivery by providing rapid feedback and agile management of the scope of the delivery.

'The Base' (Basen) supports all devices and screen types used by the Norwegian Armed Forces. It was developed in EPiServer 7 and is integrated with Nets, Xpand and SMS services. Following completion, Itera is continuing to develop 'The Base' and is also operations and management partner.


Thanks to a good role model and service design methodology, the user can now book accommodation in a very simple way. The solution facilitates the day-to-day activities of  NDEA's housing coordinators: from 25 manual steps to confirm accommodation to just 1 click!