Itera and Microsoft work together for international scaling of smart energy solutions

Itera og Microsoft

With an uncompromising focus on creating end-user benefits, Itera leverages technology platforms developed by the largest tech giants. This is an effective way to connect the latest applications and solutions with the huge amount of data that already exists.

Creating digital value

One area where this is possible today is the energy sector, where Microsoft has developed a number of data solutions that Itera uses and develops in close collaboration with our customers and partners. Together we create digital value.

Globally scalable and cost effective

Itera's ambition is to always be the first to understand and utilize solutions developed in all areas of Smart Energy. This means that we work with both energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. We are experienced in working in DevOps teams, and expertise in - among other things - big data and AI is shared with Microsoft's team in the Nordic region and at its headquarters in Redmond, USA. All solutions are cloud based and are developed to be of high quality, globally scalable and cost effective.

Active in the smart energy ecosystem

Itera and Microsoft work in close partnership with a number of innovative energy companies, and the ecosystem of which they are a part. All the companies we work with are headquartered in the Nordic region, while a number of the projects are done internationally. This allows us to scale smart energy solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Through this partnership, we leverage each other's strengths: Microsoft through the role of platform owner (Azure) and Itera in the role of innovation and realization partner. Together we also organize a series of seminars on energy and other industry activities.


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