Analytics and data-driven business

We are increasingly linked up and interconnected as a result of digitalisation. IoT, social medial, digital twins and other technologies are creating more structured and unstructured data than ever before.


Large quantities of data have the potential to transform companies and entire industries, and making proper use of such data can generate enormous value. Managers therefore need to take this into account when deciding how their organisations should be organised, what technologies they will invest in and which partners and suppliers they will work with.

The time has come for data to be valued as a strategic resource that can help you succeed. Organisations that are leading the way in this regard do not just look at their data, they build their organisation on the basis of their data, across their organisation.

A lot of talk, but little action

There is a lot of talk about new technology trends such as artificial intelligence, the cloud, big data and machine learning. However, the majority of organisations have not exploited the basic opportunities new technology creates to gain greater insight or to become more data-driven. We can help with this.

Itera has experts in analytics and data-driven business, and we help organisations to take better decisions more quickly. This can involve everything from making data from different sources available to decision makers, through to advanced analysis using machine learning algorithms, new business models and data-based ecosystems. We work with a broad spectrum of organisations from business and industry in Norway – from large banks and insurance companies through to industry leaders in the seafood industry.

Andreas Almquist


Andreas Almquist

Head of Business Consulting