New User Experience

New technologies are facilitating the delivery of new user experiences and are also changing user behaviour. Both these factors are resulting in organisations continually having to adapt the design, content and functionality of their services in order to continue to inspire their customers and ultimately to survive.

User Experience

What design will customers find appealing? What content will be seen as relevant? And how does the most intuitive user interface work?

Users have gained greater power and are demanding ever more of the solutions they use. This can be the case with regard to data privacy, transparency and, not least, sustainability, or users may be concerned with simplicity and user-friendliness. Whatever users’ requirements may be, they have to be taken into account right from the start when new solutions are being developed. Itera can help with this. We are experts in improving the everyday experience of people in their interface with technology.

Examples of new user experiences in everyday life made available by new technology

  • Talking to Google Home or Alexa thanks to machine learning, and deep learning in particular.
  • Talking to chatbots thanks to natural language processing and other machine learning algorithms.
  • Following your online purchase in real-time thanks to data streaming
  • Receiving personalised suggestions about what to look at and buy thanks to data streaming and machine learning.
  • Avoiding a visit from a washing machine repair technician because your machine sends sensor data to Miele, which then sends the machine a software upgrade - thanks to the internet of things and machine learning.
  • Are you surrounded by IoT devices such as an Apple watch, a Fitbit and internet-connected bathroom scales? If so, you can probably view a digital twin that gives you an overview of your heart rate, or you can see whether or not your weight has fluctuated or been stable over recent months.
Jorunn Aarskog


Jorunn Aarskog

Senior Advisor and Planner

the Norwegian Allergy and Asthma Association