Smart Energy

Itera has extensive experience in the energy sector and assists a number of national and international companies in realizing their digital ambitions.


Smart Energy

Driven by a rapid and comprehensive pace of change in the energy industry, Itera has established Smart Energy as a separate business area. The Nordic region is our main market, but we also work actively with customers and projects in Europe and the USA.

Itera assists our customers and partners with everything from digital strategy development to innovation projects and major realization projects. Using sensor methodology, data analysis and operational optimizations, we help reduce costs and increase revenue for our customers. We have great scalability and can deliver significant realization projects across borders.

We work with the leading players in the energy field and are involved in many projects where the goal is to develop innovative solutions to solve the global energy challenges of the future. We work closely with major technology companies such as Microsoft and Google, and new ones such as Disruptive Technologies to leverage platforms and software solutions that are already established. We have an active role in the energy sector and hold several seminars in the Smart Energy / Smart Utility business area.

Erik Solheim


Erik Berg Solheim

Consulting Manager