In today's fast paced world, solutions are expected to be of high quality, reliable and to work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices.

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Our project managers are strongly focused on achieving business gains and they serve our customers proactively as advisors, sparring partners, coaches and change agents. Our primary objective is to ensure projects are executed successfully to deliver valuable results for our customers. 

At Itera we prioritize quality and therefore manage our projects with great care. We are also agile and strive to make project management as simple as possible, and we adapt and scale projects in terms of documentation, up-front planning and reporting. Shortcuts is not our style. We adhere to the steps and activities set out in our delivery model to be sure that we deliver both on time and with a high level of quality. 

Our project managers follow closely the development in technology trends, changes in industries and the methods that give the customer and users the greatest value. We have managed to reduce the time-to-market on several projects by over 70%. We achieve this by working in a focused way on creating a minimum viable product, so we can measure, test and learn before carrying out any further development. A successful agile project requires focus, buy-in from all stakeholders, barrier-free progress and, not least, a common understanding that what is being created is a minimum viable product that will be developed further. 

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