React Europe is a conference held for the React.js community. It was held in Paris as it has been in the earlier editions as well. Håvard, Marte and Rolf went to the conference and had a great time in Paris. 

Written by Rolf Erik Lekang, Marte Løge and Håvard Wormdal Høiby, Consultants in Itera. 

React Europe was a blast. It was an highly inspiring event with good talks and a great community. One of the major reasons for going to conferences is meeting with new people and reconnect with friends from the community. React Europe has a welcoming vibe were it is easy to get to know new people and have fun. The React community in general is very open.

There was just one track at this conference, which we prefered because there are less choices and easier to stay focused. The quality all over seems to be higher at a single track than multitrack events, React Europe not being any exception to this. Furthermore,one cool thing that happened this year was a few cross references between talks, which works really well because most of the crowd has seen all the other talks.

All of the talks were interesting and of very high quality. It is hard to pick out only one because there was several talks that stuck out.

React as a Platform: A path towards a truly cross-platform UI - byLeland Richardson

Leland Richardson talked about how we can move towards a more cross-platform friendly

ecosystem by creating a few primitives that can be comiled and used both on web

and other platforms.

Animating the Virtual DOM - Sarah Drasner

Sarah Drasner showed that animations is a big part of the user experience in good

products. She gave an inspiring talk on how to approach animations in the React


Composition - Nik Graf

In this talk Nik Graf guides us through the composition part of functional

programming. It was a very educational and entertaining talk with good real

world examples on the consequences of API design.

What WebAssembly means for React - Lin Clark

Code cartoons is Lin Clarks concept for explaining complex concepts with cartoons.

As in her talks on other topics she explained WebAssembly in a way that made it

easy to relate to. WebAssembly has been kind of a myth that "just will make

everything faster". However, in her talk Lin cleared it up and showed us the

trade offs of using WebAssembly, especially in the core of a library like react.

"Worse is Better: The Upside of JavaScript Fatigue"

Last year at React Europe we got a coffe cup with the text "drinking this helps

me get through javascript fatiguw in the morning". Have you ever felt it?

Kevin Lacker talks about JavaScript Fatigue and how to embrace it. Make JavaScript, not war :y:


Like always, Cheng Lou manage to talk about abstract topics adaptable to not only

React, but software in general. He takes the pareto principle and talks about

the 80/20 concept...because is 100% always the way to go?

Really recommend this talk for not only software developer but for everyone

working with IT projects.