A new online identity for Dankort.dk

Credit cards on table. Photo.


By now, most Danes walk around with a Dankort in their wallets. But very few people immediately think about Nets when they look at their payment card. That’s the reason why Nets chose to create a new and unique online identity for Dankort on a simple and user-friendly product site where individuals and businesses can find all the information they need – all in one place. The biggest challenge was to create a visually strong identity for the site and to manage the great amount of information that already exists on www.nets.eu.


Nets chose Itera to solve the task. Itera’s team has created a solution with a clear visual identity that reflects Dankort’s strong brand while focusing on giving the end users and the editors the best experience possible.

The solution is developed in SharePoint in close collaboration with Nets. Itera has been responsible for: advisory, project management, test and deployment. Dankort’s advertising agency made the primary design.

After developing the solution, Itera has trained de editors so the more dynamic and new content will continue being shown on the website.


Dankort.dk has been transformed from a subpage on www.nets.eu with heavy information to having its very own product site with a simple, clean and user-friendly strong visual identity.

Now individuals and economic operators can easily find the information they’re looking for and the editors of the page get a simple writing experience. The site handles the growing amount of content in an easy and manageable way. The solution has simplified adding and editing content to easily keep the site updated and relevant.

Of course, Dankort.dk is responsive and supports the common devices and screen formats. After the completion of the project Itera continues to provide ongoing support for Dankort.dk