Kafka - java to scala

I was recently a participant on a Confluent on-premesis kafka course. In this series I take a look at converting the java from the course to scala.

Written by Chris Searle, Chief Consultant



The confluent course was fun - but I thought it could be a nice exercise to convert from java to scala - step by step - and maybe learn some new scala stuff on the way. It will assume some level of kafka knowledge - what is a producer, consumer, topic etc.

The series goes through conversion of some basic java kafka clients to scala - step by step.

It is important to understand that it is written from my viewpoint - someone who has played with scala, likes it, but has never really had time to get into it.


Click here to learn more about Apache Kafka (norwegian).


Find the complete step-by-step java to scala-guide here. 

Chris Searle

Chris Searle

Chief Consultant