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Many people find communication about pensions complicated, unclear and not sufficiently relevant. This is also true of KLP’s members. As KLP’s communication with its members plays a central role in the customer experience, KLP wanted to communicate in a simpler, more understandable and more relevant way.

“Are you able to help us communicate better?”, asked KLP. “Of course we can”, replied Itera, sending in two consultants to KLP. The pilot project entitled “Better Customer Communication” was carried out in four phases: Attitudes, Knowledge, Skills and Training. In the first scope Itera’s mandate was to focus on communication in letters and on Instead of Itera solving the problem on its own, the aim was for KLP’s employees to do it themselves in order to create lasting change.


We set to work systematically. We started by evaluating the content of 57 types of letter and 13 customer flows on We also interviewed and filmed 8 customers and 15 managers from KLP. Five central criteria were selected: language, relevance, structure, navigation and channel use. This confirmed the following hypotheses for us: KLP says too much and uses complicated language. The content is also not viewed as relevant; what KLP communicates is not necessarily what the customer is interested in.


Working closely with and involving KLP, we produced a proposed language profile with directions on style and tone, guidelines, channel use, writing tips and examples. We produced new tools and tested whether they improved communication on a range of channels: webpages, letters, Facebook, emails, telephone calls, PowerPoint and SMS. We also produced proposals for work processes, roles and responsibilities, as well as for ownership over communication. We also set up a separate customer panel for members.


We worked with the resources team at KLP to rework communication materials and tested out the before and after versions. Skilled specialists from communication and business worked closely together and challenged each other. They produced new communication materials with the help of the tools that were now available to them digitally.


The results from the pilot were very good. To achieve gains in more parts of the company, we invited all employees to participate. Around 700 people attended a quick course, 350 employees improved how they communicate at writing classes, around 30 employees improved their presentations, and the customer centre put in place a conversation guide and guidelines for spoken communication. Employees from insurance, banking, real estate, IT, HR and others were helped to improve how they communicate.

Improved customer satisfaction and greater internal efficiency

KLP has now implemented a language profile with a set style and tone, guidelines, a customer panel and new tools. Ownership over communication is more clearly defined and employees use a more efficient work process in respect of communication.

Itera’s work at KLP helped improve customer focus internally and the customer experience externally. After the first quick course, 90% of employees said they wanted to try to improve how they communicate. And the feedback from KLP’s customers is that the content is more relevant, that the structure is better, and that the message is clearer, and also that the channels KLP uses work together better and use clearer language. New texts are scoring 4.5 out of a possible 5.

Both KLP’s managers and employees view high-quality communication as a tool for creating good results: better communication, fewer unnecessary enquiries, improved customer satisfaction and greater internal efficiency.

The project is probably one of the most meaningful projects that Itera has delivered because it matters such a lot to so many people – it has really helped to make a difference.