Cloud-based solutions


Cloud-based solutions offer major commercial opportunities for our customers.

Written by Niko Nyström, Transformation



The IT industry is currently going through one of the biggest changes ever seen in its history. Virtually all new IT solutions used to run on dedicated infrastructure (servers, storage, security solutions etc.) in small, local server rooms or data centres. Over the course of just a few years, about 50% of global computing power has been moved to enormous data centres, a phenomenon that has primarily been driven by a small number of major providers (Amazon, Google and Microsoft). These providers offer cloud-based platforms that are radically changing the way in which our customers work. Our impression is that Norwegian companies largely have a good understanding of the advantages of cloud-based solutions and are making increasing use of them. Companies in industries such as tech and media have already made a lot of progress in this regard. Other industries, such as banking and insurance, has undertaken a lot of test projects, and are now in the process of significantly expanding their use of such solutions.   

The major providers of cloud services are currently investing enormous sums in improving their cloud platforms. Existing services are being developed further and new, cloud-based services are being launched at a rapid pace. Organisations in Norway and elsewhere can use these platforms to continuously offer their customers new services without having to invest significant resources in developing them on their own. The major providers also ensure such services are stable and secure, as the standards of operational security and security routines they offer are superior to those that all but a very few of their customers could achieve on their own.  

Particularly interesting areas of use 

We are seeing a marked increase in the use of cloud-based solutions in many traditional areas in IT architecture. These areas include software solutions in areas such as CRM, HR, finance, co-operation and communication. Many companies are also working on further developing their existing solutions and the IT infrastructure that they use. Operations for a significant number of such solutions, but obviously not all, can be moved to the cloud. 

When we at Itera develop new services for our customers, the testing and development environments we use are normally set up as cloud-based services. This also applies to the production environments in which the services are further developed over time. The reason for this is that it makes it easier for us to develop new services quickly and enables us to scale them up or down depending on usage and costs in line with our customers’ needs.

Itera growing rapidly in cloud services 

At Itera, we are working to develop the cloud services expertise of all our employees, whether they are a manager, a digital designer, a service designer, a developer or an architect, or are focused on operations or management. We think that this is absolutely critical if we are to strengthen our position as a specialist at creating digital business and our role as our customers’ preferred implementation partner.  

We have established specialized organisational unit, Managed Cloud Services, with expertise in cloud-based solutions. This unit is growing rapidly and undertakes projects involving creating new, cloud-based solutions, moving existing solutions to the cloud and operating them over time.  

Over the last year the Itera team has delivered high-quality, future-oriented cloud-based solutions to customers such as Bits, E-Nettet, Gjensidige, Home and Nets. The use of cloud-based solutions will increase significantly over the next few years, creating exciting growth opportunities for both Itera and its customers. In general, we can see that almost all of our customers are planning to start using or to increase their use of cloud-services. We want to be their preferred partner on this journey.