Smart Measure for increased quality of life

Man with prosthetic tying shoelaces. Photo.

Millions of people worldwide experience reduced mobility and quality of life as a result of accidents or various diseases​. Many benefit from products such as braces or prosthetics​. Together with Össur, a world leader in orthopedic products, Itera develops the “Smart Measureapp to support the specialist's dialogue with the patient to get individually tailored products 


Blog post by Mykhailo Pugach 

In my work, I get to work with challenging tasks and ambitious customers. Among them, I enjoy working for Össur, who provides innovative digital solutions to help clinicians, medical advisors, insurance agents and doctors to make their work simple, fast and accurate. One of the products we have developed is the Smart Measure app, which I will tell you more about. 

As a base line for the architecture in application development, iOS was selected as target platform. The power of Azure services, storages and infrastructure was combined to get backend REST service for mobile clients and web application for back office needs. 

To make sure the correct product is orderedset of measurements is made during the patient visit. A simple step-by-step flow in the Smart Measure Application (SMA) visualizes variety of prefabricated and custom-made braces. It guides the doctor through the measurement process, avoiding mistakes with data validation on each step. It is very important to make good photos, as incorrect angle dimensions could cause incorrect measuresHence, gyroscope data is used in the application to verify camera tilt and aware the doctor to use the right angle when taking pictures. 

But what could be even more suitable than exact metrics and good photos to produce a custom brace that matches perfectly? What about 3D scan to produce an exact copy of the patient’s limb? SMA is integrated with an external scanner device that could simply be assembled on an iPad and make the doctor able to make such scans in seconds. 

massive amount of data is gathered during a patient visit. To avoid having to start the measure process from the beginning in case of application crash or re-installation, all application data is continuously synced to the cloud. The application is also designed to work in offline mode. If no connection, all data is safely synced to the server when the connection is re-established. 

Finally, when the product with extra options and accessories is selected, all measurements, photos and additional scans are done, and all required validations are passed, the brace order is sent to manufacturing. In a few weeks, the tailored product is shipped to the patientThe Smart Measure app has a feedback survey that guides the doctor and patient in case anything needs to be improved with the received product. The app helps to identify the exact issue to be solved, and makes it easy to send new measurements, photos and related information. 

Integration with other services provides a fast and centralized update of product data and keeps the customers up-to-date on product news from Össur. 

Post production monitoring and troubleshooting is done with great help of Azure Insights metrics and dashboards. 

To provide a high quality of Smart Measure, well performed and detailed testing was conducted to check and proof application fail tolerance in even extreme cases.