As a company, we are a part of society and have a commitment to make a positive contribution. We communicate this through our vision, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, which is a powerful imperative tightly connected to our brand.

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Why is social responsibility important to us?

Our vision commits us in several perspectives; in our relationship with employees, how we do our work, what we deliver to our customers, and not least how we manage the relationship with our shareholders and with society in general.

We believe that our employees would like their workplace to be actively involved in contributing to society. When we let our vision and values (innovative, passionate, skilled) be part of the workday, we believe that this contributes to creating commitment, meaning and involvement. We also know that positive attention and a good reputation can create internal pride and loyalty. 

We believe that companies that contribute positively to society succeed better than companies with an unbalanced profitability focus. A reputation as a responsible company that runs its business in accordance with laws and regulations is a prerequisite for building strong customer relationships and attracting new employees.

How do we contribute? 

Many of our customers fill important functions and roles in society. This gives us the opportunity to contribute to make a difference through our assignments and deliveries.

Some examples:

Awards and collaborations:


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