The backbone of home’s IT structure

Keychain with miniature-house. Photo.


With 170 offices in different locations and a need for a centralized, flexible and safe infrastructure, home realized that they needed more than "a supplier". They needed a strategic and operational partner. Their co-operation with Itera has now passed its tenth anniversary. Though their core business is run centrally, they still are a franchise house, where the owners have different demands concerning user and access rights, PCs, infrastructure and mobile devices. On top of this is the need for guaranteed uptime, which often differs from "normal" working hours because showings and transfer of property often takes place in evenings or weekends.


Itera reviewed home's entire data storage challenge. Instead of focusing on the issue of storage capacity size, we helped home create a complete data management strategy, based on their business-critical data and practice. By means of a snapshot methodology they are now able to only store the changes that have appeared since the last storage. What previously represented a continuously growing operational cost now is considered a strategic investment. The main goal is obtaining control over our business-critical data, a far more effective usage of storage capacity, more flexible solutions and a better cost control – now and in the future.


Itera has developed and implemented a solution that ensures home a complete overview from a central position. One can easily keep track of all software installed on any given machine within the company, and automatically install new versions or software packages when necessary. Itera runs home's central IT platform and their technical and security based infrastructure, both for their 170 offices all over Denmark and their customer portal, The portal is visited by up to 400.000 users every week.

"Itera is not only a service provider, but a strategic and operational partner for home. Their deliveries constitute the backbone of home’s IT structure.

- Hanne Brandt, IT Director, Home