Itera eFaktura 1920x1080

In the fintech market swarmed with increasingly new, smart and competitive payment solutions, Nets needed to strengthen their eFaktura and AvtaleGiro brands. 

AvtaleGiro and eFaktura are independent brands that often appear together. They are supportive brands to the banks and to the marketing material of many businesses, mainly presented in digital channels. We approached the delivery in the correct order and began by upgrading the visual identities.

Two brands, from one center

Many consumers have trouble differentiating between AvtaleGiro and eFaktura. A quick definition: AvtaleGiro is a wholly automatic payment of standard bills in the digital bank account, simplifying the need to enter each one separately, each month. eFaktura is not an automatic payment, but bills are made available in the eBanking account, pre-entered with all necessary payment details so they no longer need to be sent by post. No more paper! All the consumer needs to do is approve the eFaktura in their eBanking account and the payment goes through.

Our approach was to create light and recognizable identities, where we preserved the historical aspects of these brands that have evolved through many years and which are known as dependable and trustworthy – an advantage Nets has over their many competitors. The identities differentiate the brands clearly, but with a common visual form that links them to the same provider: Nets. The new identities will ensure that existing as well as new customers will find them appealing, especially the younger demographics. 


Facebook and Instagram

After the visual identities were secured, we worked with the client to develop two annual campaign cycles in social media. The campaign cycle for eFaktura started autumn 2017 and will run to autumn 2018. The cycle for AvtaleGiro will run from January 2018 to January 2019. The digital marketing campaigns will run on weekly bursts, posted on both Facebook and Instagram, where they will be evaluated and measured for exposure and coverage of the desired target groups, making adjustments as the weeks pass. The ads will vary both in voice and visual presentation. For some bursts, variations on the same themes will be tested for optimum effect.

The campaigns are written and designed with clear customer personas in mind, personas that reflect the customer target groups and lifetime relevance throughout the year. The goal is not to collect likes, as it will not be possible to link the ad to a personal e-banking account, where the transactions are made. Instead, the ads link to the branding pages here and here which explain the products in more detail. The goal of the annual marketing cycle is therefore to invite the audience to learn more, build awareness of the brands and the products they represent and urge the customer to choose AvtaleGiro and eFaktura next time they log in to their eBanking system.