Aluminumblocks stacked. Photo.

With customers from a broad range of industries across the globe, Hydro Extrusion is the world’s largest supplier of aluminium. To help ensure good customer communications and a high-quality user experience on digital channels, Sapa asked Itera to assist it with developing a new portal solution.

As Hydro Extrusion (former Sapa) has offices in 40 countries and needs to communicate in 23 languages, it was clear from the start that the solution that was to be developed would be more than average in scope. Itera and Hydro Extrusion therefore established two main guidelines for the project:

  • Customer focus: creating a good user experience by focusing on the customer’s industry and making it simpler for customers to contact Hydro Extrusion.
  • Lean approach: testing the concept out as early as possible to avoid resource-consuming alterations and changes later in the process.

Customer centric

The new solution was built around the day-to-day activities and industries of Hydro Extrusion’s customers rather than around its organisational structure or products. The solution is navigated on the basis of the customer’s industry and geographic location, and it accordingly presents customers with content in their local language. Significant emphasis was attached to ensuring the content was relevant and that it was easy to contact Hydro Extrusion.

Lean approach

The concept was quality-checked using an efficient method to avoid the need for difficult alterations later in the process. Thanks to the use of a flexible project approach, a functional beta-version of the solution was ready in a remarkable three months, and only four months later the full solution was complete, with the content translated into 23 languages. With only six people, the delivery team was very efficient in terms of set up.

An end-to-end delivery

The project is a good illustration of how being a complete provider that offers a full range of services in communication and technology enables Itera to create value. Itera delivered the preliminary project, strategy, design, development (EpiServer), content strategy and communications profile for the solution, and also set up Google Analytics, working at all times in close collaboration with the customer.

Immediate effect on lead generation

The same week that the service was launched Sapa noticed that displaying the ‘Contact us’ option clearly across the whole solution had a major effect on lead generation.

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