Sustainability is business

Sustainability is business

2018 will forever be the year when a whale stranded on an Asian beach with stomach full of plastic opened people’s eyes - this was a graphic illustration of the challenges we are facing as a species and was impossible to overlook. 


The trickle of consumers demanding sustainable products, of employees choosing sustainable employers and of investors seeking sustainable investments is turning into a floodSustainability is a core component of the future of business and businesses that are able to integrate sustainability into their operations will be attractive. Sustainability is no longer about charitable giving and sponsorship; it is fundamental to business itself. To deliver long-term business value, companies need to ensure that they have a positive social, environmental and financial bottom line. (Figure 1) 

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Figure 1: Triple Bottom Line

Used in the right way, design and technology have the potential to play a key role in relation to many of the environmental challenges we are facing. This last year, we have seen new mobility solutions that reduce fossil-fuel vehicles, smart building solutions that reduce energy consumption, a massive shift to cloud data centres and consumer solutions that raise awareness about food, consumption and health.

What, then, are the benefits of initiatives such as these? Research shows that 1,000 cloud servers produce about 50% less carbon emissions than traditional servers, which is equivalent to the carbon emissions produced by 261 homes, taking 444 cars off the roads or planting 5,810 trees to offset carbon emissions (Medium Corporation, 2018). A 2016 study by the UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center found that for every car-sharing car that is introduced, up to 11 privately owned cars off are taken off the road. We need initiatives such as these and many, many more if we are to create a sustainable future.

Sustainability at Itera

At Itera, we are highly conscious of the opportunity that we have to contribute to sustainable solutions thanks to our expertise in business, design and technology. With our committed employees working in collaboration with some of the largest organisations in the Nordics, we can and will make a difference.

Our specialists in sustainability work with clients to develop strategies that are good for business and the environment. When undertaking innovation projects, we seek to find solutions that are of value to consumers, businesses and the environment. And our cloud services are ready to welcome businesses that want to reduce the carbon emissions of their IT operations.

We are ready to live by our “Make a difference” vision. Are you?