My everyday life as a test architect

Woman looking on computer screen.

Test is about quality assuring the deliveries to the customer. Several of our test experts are commissioned by Santander to ensure quality in cooperation with the business. A long-term and close collaboration has given Itera good insight into Santander's business processes. Anna tells about everyday life as a test at Santander. 


Quality assurance is an independent and complex task, and Santander is one of our customers where assignments within testing became a starting point for further collaboration. Our engagement started by helping to build up the acceptance testing process for the new system that handles all loan products. The collaboration was eventually expanded, and eventually included the development of both internal and customer-related solutions. This includes new applications for customer support, car dealers, bank agents, private customers and companies. It's not just about developing specific components but giving advice and designing solutions for new business processes, which is complex, exciting and challenging.    

Right now, we have a variety of different projects within the same ecosystem that make active use of the Azure platform and .Net technology. The teams work according to agile methodologies, and work closely with both the business side and internal and contracted consultants to ensure optimal quality. 

The responsibilities vary and are not limited to typical functional UI testing. On the contrary, the team also performs white box testing, performance testing and automated tests. Hence, everyone can further develop their professional competence, and gain deeper domain expertise in the banking sector. 

All in all, an exciting, evolving everyday life!