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1. Introduction

We at Itera are committed to providing you as a user with adaptive content as well as to protecting your personal data. This Data Protection Policy explains how and why we process your personal data when you use and our underlying digital services. is owned and operated by Itera ASA (Organisation number 980 250 547, Nydalsveien 28, PO Box 4814 Nydalen, 0422 Oslo, Norway).


2. About personal data and the legal framework

Personal data is data that can be used to identify you as an individual. All processing of personal data, such as its collection, registration, storage and distribution, is subject to special rules, including those stipulated by the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

The Norwegian Personal Data Act is a piece of legislation which not only gives you rights but also makes Itera responsible for ensuring your personal data is processed in accordance with the legislation. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) is the supervisory authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act.


3. What information do we process?

We process both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. We would like to make clear that we do not process sensitive personal data about you in our systems. Non-personally identifiable information is information that does not reveal your personal identity. Content in cookies can be of this type.


Personally identifiable information

We collect and process the following information:

  • In order to download information materials from our website, you have to give us your name and email address so we can send the information to you.
  • When you register for an event we are organising, you have to give us personal data such as your name, your email address, your employer's name and your job title. We need this information to help us adapt the form and content of the event to you as best we can.
  • If you contact us, we may need to record the correspondence, including information you have given us, in order to enable us to process your enquiry.


 4. Information sharing

As a general rule, we do not share personal data with other companies, with the exception of our collaboration partners where they need the data in order to be able to provide us with a service. Where we give your personal data to a third party, we enter into an agreement with the third party in question that limits their ability to use the data.

We may also in certain circumstances hand your data over to another party where required by law, for example to public authorities in accordance with a court order for investigation.


5. Your rights and the management of personal data

 You can view the personal data we hold on you, change how it is used, or have it deleted by contacting


6. About marketing via email

 When you register for one of our events, we would like to be able to send you information related to the event. We cannot do this unless you have given us your approval. You can ask for more information or cancel your attendance at an event at any time. Similarly, we cannot store information about you in our customer database and/or send you market-related information on a general basis, such as invitations to events or surveys, without your consent. The personal data you give us is used in order to attend to your needs better and to provide you with better services, and is only used for the purpose for which it is provided and in a secure manner. Should you wish to stop receiving information from us, you can tell us at any time. Your email address and any other associated information will then be deleted.

We use HubSpot's e-mail marketing platform, in collaboration with our marketing partner Inbound Group.


7. The way in which we gather information about users of

 An important part of the work we do to create a user-friendly website involves looking at the usage patterns of visitors. We use Google Analytics, an analytics tool, to analyse this information.

Google Analytics uses cookies (small text files that the website stores on the user’s computer) that register each user’s IP address and provide information about each user’s movements online. The following are examples of the questions to which these statistics provide us with answers: how many people visit our various different web pages, how long users spend on our website, what websites users navigate to our website from and which web browsers they are using. None of the cookies can be used to link information on your use of our website with you as an individual.

The information that is gathered by Google Analytics is stored on Google’s servers in the USA. The information Google receives is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.

An IP address is defined as personal data because it can be traced back to a specific device and therefore to an individual. Itera uses a Google Analytics’ tracking code, which anonymises your IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. A stored IP address can therefore not be used to identify an individual user.

About Hotjars information storage (source:

"All data Hotjar collects is stored electronically in Ireland, Europe on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, eu-west-1 datacenter. Our application servers and database servers run inside an Amazon VPC, Virtual Private Cloud. The database containing visitor and usage data is only accessible from the application servers and no outside sources are allowed to connect to the database. Our data retention times are no longer than 365 days."

About Hotjars IP-adress handling (source:

  • Site visitors are assigned a unique user identifier, UUID, so that Hotjar can keep track of returning visitors without relying on any personal information, such as the IP address.
  • IP addresses of visitors are always suppressed before being stored. We set the last octet of IPv4 addresses, all connections to Hotjar are made via IPv4, to 0 to ensure the full IP address is never written to disk. For example, if a visitor's IP address is, it will be stored as The first three octets of the IP address are only used to determine the geographic location of the visitor.
  • When collecting data with Recordings, Hotjar automatically suppresses keystroke data on all input fields. In all cases, the data is suppressed client-side, the visitor’s browser, which means it never reaches our servers.


About Hubspot and use HubSpot, a service from HubSpot Inc., a US software provider with branch office in Ireland (HubSpot Inc., 2nd floor 30 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland, telephone +353 1 5187500) , which covers specific aspects of our online marketing, including:

  • Content management (eg site content)
  • Email marketing (newsletters and automated mailings, for example to provide update information)
  • Publishing and analysis in social media (eg LinkedIn)
  • Reporting (eg traffic sources, access, etc.)
  • Contact management (eg User segmentation and CRM)
  • Facilitation of landing pages and contact forms


Where required by law, we will ask you in advance and separately for your consent to the collection, storage and processing of your data. With your consent, HubSpot will use "Web Beacons" and cookies, which are stored on your computer, and enable us to analyze your use of the website. The information collected (eg IP address, geographical location, browser type, visit duration and pages viewed) is analyzed by HubSpot on our behalf to generate reports regarding the visit and the pages you have viewed. If you do not want cookies to be collected in general, you can prevent the storage of cookies at any time through your browser settings.

The data collected by us via HubSpot will be used exclusively by us to deliver and optimize our marketing. Your data can then be used by us to contact you, as a visitor to our website, and to find out which of our services may be of interest to you. If you subscribe to our newsletters and download studies and other documents, we will also be able through HubSpot to analyze your visits through your additional details (especially name / email address) and to inform you about your favorite topics in a targeted way. We also offer our registration service (web forms) through HubSpot. The registration service enables you as a visitor to our website to learn more about our business, download content and provide us with your contact information and additional information about yourself and your business. If this is required by law, we will ask you in advance and separately to give your prior consent to the collection, storage and processing of your data.

The data collected by us via HubSpot is stored on the servers of our contractor, HubSpot, in the USA. We have established the necessary requirements for this to be in line with EU privacy law.

You can view the full privacy statement for HubSpot HERE.
HubSpot provides information about the cookies used by it here and here.


8. Social media

Our website contains social media functions, such as 'like' buttons for Facebook and LinkedIn. These functions do not record your IP address or the page you open on our website, and they cannot store cookies. The social media functions are operated by Itera ASA. Your use of these functions is subject to the data protection policies of the companies that provide them.

Itera’s Facebook account is managed by Itera ASA. We use Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel to track and improve our marketing campaigns on Facebook. Read more about ads on Facebook and how you can change your personal settings on Facebook.


9. Changes to our Data Protection Policy

We reserve the right to update or change this Data Protection Policy at regular intervals. We will inform you in the event of major changes.


10. Contact information

If you have any questions about Itera’s Data Protection Policy or our use of personal data, please contact us using


Last updated 27.11.2020